before_afterI was one of those girls that started a diet every Monday and by the end of the day I would say ok I’ll start over next week. I would lose weight and gain all of it back plus some. I started to get tired of the yo yo diet. I’ve tried them all. You name it I’ve tried it. They all worked but I just couldn’t keep up with it. They were not realistic with my lifestyle. One day I said to myself this has to stop. I came across a YT blogger and few other people after watching the infomercial on Insanity. I was so amazed that these were real people getting these type of results. I said to myself I have to try this. I had been doing other workouts with okay results but nothing like I saw using Beachbody workouts. I ordered Insanity and saw some great results. It was very challenging but I took my time to complete the program. I lost 20lbs and a few inches. I was stoked. While I enjoyed Insanity, I had to switch things up a little. I wanted to try something different and came across Turbofire. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! Its soooo much fun. Great music and cool workout moves. It feels as though your dancing.  I’ve done so many programs since then and continue to do them over and over.  These programs are game changers. I’m still able to eat what I want in moderation of course without deprivation and still continue to lose weight. However, I get best results when I stick to the nutrition guide that each program provides.

In the pictures above, I was miserable, addicted to excuses and was comfortable with failure. I was interested in losing weight but not committed.  I realize with anything in life that you want to achieve, you must get serious, learn discipline and commit to becoming a better you!

If you are tired of being tired and not seeing the results that you want in your life. You MUST make a change.  Change your perspective and realize this is a lifestyle change and take this journey one day at a time.  You didn’t put the weight on overnight so you wont lose the weight overnight.  Just take it one day, one meal at a time to get closer to your goal.

Start where you are… start TODAY!!!